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Randall Perry Truck Fire Update

A few months ago Randall Perry suffered the misfortune of having his truck destroyed by fire. Struggling with the financial burden the fire left him, Randall continued to seek out options for purchasing a truck. He eventually approached us about our Lease Purchase Program and eventually signed on as a participant.

The Lease Purchase Program was a great fit for Randall’s situation because the program is meant to offer a helping hand to those interested in starting their own trucking businesses. Randall sat down with Joe and discussed what his financial goals were before signing on, and they were able to negotiate a customized financing plan that catered to Randall’s financial needs. He signed the Lease Purchase Program contract a few months ago, and we have been proud to call Randal Perry our business partner ever since.

We try to keep our Lease Purchase Program as simple as possible. It is in our interest to help our contractors have successful business so we want to help our Lease Purchasers succeed. One way we are able to do this is through our group insurance rates, which allow us to offer much lower rates than traditional insurance companies.

The Lease Purchase Program is one way that we are able to help drivers who are struggling with the burden of debt and other challenges and help them get on their feet by finance a truck and starting their own trucking businesses.

Randall Perry says, “The Lease Purchase Program is great. I was between a rock and a hard spot. My truck burned up on the interstate and I lost everything in the fire. I had no money to put down on anything, but Joe Keller worked with me on that. He opened the door for me to keep working. As for the program itself, all I can say is that they are fair on price and always willing to provide help when I need it most. It’s a great program for anyone who works hard and wants to eventually own their own business.”

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