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Allen Fitzgerald’s Defect-Free DOT Inspection

In light of our recent Hazmat Safety Campaign we wanted to commend Allen Fitzgerald for adhering to our high safety standards. He was able to attain a defect-free DOT inspection in Lafayette, Missouri this past week. The inspection was a level 1 which means that his entire truck and trailer was checked thoroughly. Allen passed this level 1 with flying colors, receiving zero violations.

The reason Allen was able to pass this inspection was because he conducted a thorough pre-trip inspection. Safety is a high priority to our company so we highly value drivers who place an attention to maintaining our safety standards. Since level 1’s are the most thorough investigations, Allen received our $100 bonus that we give for defect-free level 1’s. Keep up the good work, Allen.

We offer a $100 bonus to defect-free level 1 inspections, a $75 bonus for defect-free level 2 inspections, and a $25 bonus to defect-free level 3 inspections.

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