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Truck Wash For Upcoming Safety Blitz

We want to make sure all of our drivers are prepared for the International Roadcheck Enforcement Safety Event that is coming up in June.

CVSA has an annual roadcheck that we call the Safety Blitz. The time period for the Safety Blitz is June 6-8, and during this time there will be much more frequent roadside, DOT inspections with a special emphasis on cargo securement. Inspectors will be primarily conducting level-1 inspections which is the most thorough inspection possible. This inspection is a thorough 37-step procedure which ensures that the driver meets all the necessary operations requirements and that the vehicle has all the necessary mechanical fitness requirements.

In light of this Safety Blitz, we wanted every driver to put their best foot forward. This means getting your truck washed and making sure it looks presentable. The company pays for your truck and trailer washes through our Blue Beacon account. Your driver manager can answer any questions you have about truck washes.

For more detailed information on the International Roadcheck Enforcement Safety Event visit:

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