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Steve Von Behren Proactive Safety Standard

In light of our recent Hazmat Campaign where we tell all our drivers to put two straps on the back, we wanted to highlight one particular load that Steve Von Behren recently brought to our attention.

In this picture above you can see that there are unsecured barrels located above the set of barrels that are properly secured. Steve snapped this picture to express his concerns about the potential danger of having one of these barrels roll out onto someone who opened the door.

In this case, the customer improperly secured the load. But we wanted Steve was proactive in ensuring the safety of both the customer and the driver by sending his driver manager the picture and a quick message.

Thank you Steve Von Behren for looking out for the safety and well-being of everyone involved in this load. This attitude allows us to maintain better customer service standards for the company.

Always remember to put two straps on the back, and let us know of any safety concerns you may come across. Safety is always a top priority.

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