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Customer Highlight: Smucker's

We are proud to announce our new business relationship with Smucker's. We started doing business April 3rd, 2017 carrying 13 lanes a week, making them a mid-sized customer of Marvin Keller. Since we started servicing them we have seen a reduction in broker freight.

Smucker's is commonly associated with food products like peanut butter and jelly, but we have been delivering pet nutrition products such as dog food, dog treats, Meow Mix, Pup-Peroni and Gravy Train. We also deliver flour, meal, grits, and other goods.

The lanes include locations to Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Ohio, each coming back to Illinois. All the deliveries are drop and hook, and some of the lanes are pre-loaded at the shipper which saves our drivers valuable time.

Smucker's is a Fortune 500 company that started in 1897. We are proud to be a professional carrier for them and hope that our business relationship will open up more lanes and opportunities.

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