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Keeping Our Drop-Lots Clean

Marvin Keller has drop lots in areas across Illinois where we keep trailers. We consider these lots a part of company property so everyone should try their best to make sure each lot is kept clean and organized.

Wayne Lucas brought to our attention that the Effingham lot had ben unnecessarily messy recently. He reported that he had spent awhile picking up miscellaneous trash that others had left. We thought that this act was highly honorable and helpful to everyone, and we wanted to commend Wayne for going above and beyond in service to the team.

This is a good reminder to everyone who spends time at the lot that they should respect the property by doing their best to keep it clean and make sure their garbage stays in the dumpster. And if you see something please report.

We are looking into setting up video security for the premises so that we can keep the area safe and clean. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions of how to improve the lots please let us know.

Marvin Keller has lots across Illinois including Riverdale, Kankakee, Decatur, Sullivan, Effingham and Mattoon.

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