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August 21, 2017

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Steve Vonbehren has gone above and beyond in tire care. He has managed to get over 188,000 miles from his tires! Good work, Steve.

Driver Update

December 20, 2016

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DOT Blitz Checklist

We have been talking awhile now about the International Roadcheck Enforcement Safety Event that is coming up in June. We call it the Safety Blitz. 


During June 6-8 there will be frequent roadside, DOT inspections with a special emphasis on cargo securement. We created a Pre and Post-Trip Inspection Checklist for your convenience.


Truck Interior/Exterior

Any body damage, Any interior damage


Under Hood

Overall condition, Oil level, Radiator condition/coolant level, Hoses and connections, Exhaust system, Water pump, Alternator and belts, Wiring, Air intake system, Power steering fluid level, Air compressor mounting, Steering box mounting/seals, Steering linkage, Steering shaft U-joints, Frame, Fluid leaks, A/C system


Steering Axle

Springs, Spring mounts, Shock absorbers, U-bolts, Slack adjustors and camshafts, Brake chamber, Brake air hoses, Brake shoes and drums, Rims and lug nuts, Tire condition, Tread depth (4/32) DOT minimum, Valve stem/caps, Tire pressure (110 PSI), Wheel seals, Hub cap, Front hub oil level


Front of Vehicle Tractor

Headlights: high and low, Cab clearance lights, Turn signals, 4-way flashes


Side of Vehicle Tractor

Fuel tank leaks and mounting, Door/window glass, Mirrors condition and mounting, Battery and cover, exhaust system, Check for valid DOR sticker, Lights and reflectors, Turn signals and 4-ways, Mud flaps, Frame/cross members, Air lines tractor connection, Light cord, Glad hand seals, Cab air ride system


Tractor Drive Axles

Tire condition, Tread depth (2/32) DOT minimum, Tire pressure, Axle seals, Rims and lug nuts, Frame, Springs and spring mountings, Brake chambers, Brake air hoses, Slack adjusters and camshafts, Brake shoes and drums, Air bags/leveling valve, Air ride mounting plate/beams


Fifth Wheel

Platform, Mounting bolts, Release arm, Safety latch, Locking jaws, Locking pins


Under Vehicle Tractor

Drive shaft/U-joints/carrier brg, Transmission/differential leaks, Pinion shaft play, Frame and crossmembers, Air and fuel lines


Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

Overall condition, Oil level, Leaks, Loose brackets and connection, Loose access panel, Unusual noises, Loose nuts/bolts/retainers, Fault codes on panel


In the Cab

Clutch freeplay/brake, Oil pressure, Volt meter/amnmeter, Windshield condition, Wiper/washer condition/operation, Horns, Steering wheel play, HVAX and all blower speeds, Emergency equipment


Air Brake Check

Shut off engine; turn key on, Release parking brakes, Hold brake pedal (4 lbs. 1 min), Fan down brakes; check buzzer, and light; continue to fan down; check for spring brake app; brake buttons will pop out; parking brake check



Trailer body condition, Apron (on trailer), King pin, Glad hand connection, Light cord socket, Landing gear condition/operation, Frame/cross members, Doors/hinges, Latches, ICC bumper, Clearance/market lights, License plate and light, Brake lights, Turn signals/4-ways, ABS light


Trailer Tandems

Tire condition, Tread depth (2/32) DOT minimum, Tire pressure (100 PSI), Rims and lug nuts, Hub caps and temperature bolts, Frame, Springs and spring mounts, Brake chambers, Brake air hoses, Slack adjusters and camshafts, Brake shoes and drums, Axle seals, Slider operation and linkage, Air bags and leveling valve, Air ride mounting plates/beams, Air tanks and mounts


For more detailed information on the International Roadcheck Enforcement Safety Event visit: http://cvsa.org/news-entry/cvsas-2017-international-roadcheck-enforcement-event-take-place-june-6-8-special-emphasis-cargo-securement/


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