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Anonymous Student Interview

Today I had the chance to speak with a student driver about the trucking industry. The student had just completed our personal training program and was excited about starting on his own.

His background is from a family of experienced truckers, so I was interested in seeing what he had to say about how the industry had evolved since he was a child. Being fairly young and having the option to pursue further education after graduating High School, I was excited to hear his insights about why he chose to pursue trucking.

Right off the bat, the student had a lot to say about electronic tools and how they did not really exist in his dad’s day. He continued to say that he remembered his dad tracking on paper logs, planning out trips in a notebook and looking up directions from an atlas. He also commented that from what he can remember, the trucking industry seems like it now has way more regulations than it did in the past.

The student enjoys the travel and freedom of the road. Sitting in a classroom seemed drab and boring for his free spirit. He says he was nervous but always trying to do his best to succeed and make the road a safer place to drive.

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