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Richard Barnett, Business Owner Update

Richard Barnet is a small business owner who finances trucks to drivers. He also has been driving one of his trucks for Marvin Keller as an over-the-road Owner Operator for about a year.

Richard owns five trucks that he finances and leases to other drivers. Because he is a business owner and also drives his own truck for our company, we have come to learn that Richard is a hard worker. It comes as no surprise that he has recently been growing his business by hiring another driver Chris Hopper.

Chris is a seasoned driver who has 4 years experiences as an over-the-road driver at another company. Chris recently signed with Richard to purchase the truck while driving for Marvin Keller.

Richard has been a partner carrier with us and we are excited that he has been successfully growing his business under our roof. And we are always excited to hire experienced drivers like Chris, who can bring valued expertise to our fleet.

Marvin Keller is proud to be a part of the process of advancing company drivers into flourishing business owners. If you have an interest in our Lease Purchase program, visit the Lease Purchase section on our website at:

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