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Alan Clark: Company Driver to Owner Operator Update

This has been Alan’s first week transitioning from company driver to owner operator. We wanted to write an update.

Alan worked as a company driver for Marvin Keller under Tammy Clough his driver manager. Tammy always trusted him to do a good job, constantly relied on him to help out when we needed to cover a load. Tammy says,

“Alan was my go-to guy whenever we needed to cover a load. Alan is easy to get along with. With his work ethic and character, I have no doubt that he will succeed.”

Alan shared with us that his wife was recently diagnosed with cancer. Knowing this, Tammy always tried her best to get Alan home to take care of his wife.

Tammy says, “When he [Alan] was a company driver, I always tried to get him home when he needed to be there to take her to the doctor. His wife comes first. I think that since he is an owner operator now with the flexibility to choose his own schedule, it will allow him to be at home with his wife more frequently. That’s what matter most.”

Despite Alan only being in the Owner Operator Program for a week, Amy Graven the Program Manager had kind words to share. Amy says,

“Alan has only been in the Owner Operator Program for a week, but I can tell he is not coming into it blind. Alan understands the business. He seemed quite excited when he came into the office to make the transition. Alan previously served on the crash review board. He was a good fit to become an owner operator and so far he has been doing well. I can tell he is a good guy, and I think he will do just fine.”

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