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Sam Helps Anthony Through California

Anthony Voorhees has been a company driver with Marvin Keller for a few years now. He came aboard as an experienced driver and has been doing fine work ever since.

If you have ever driven out to California, you probably had to deal with the strict laws and regulations imposed there. Anthony without knowing about the strict laws and regulations requested a load out to California. After later realizing the complexity of the situation, he struggled to make sure he would not be breaking any laws unintentionally before dispatching.

Sam Copas is an Owner Operator and a veteran industry driver. Sam frequently takes loads out to California, and overheard about Anthony’s situation while hanging around the shop.

Sam reached out to Anthony to give him tips and suggestions about driving in California. He offered Anthony his phone number so that he could contact him about any issues he might encounter out there. He drew Anthony a map, indicating the best way to come in, and included information regarding the best times to get in and out due to complex traffic. He shared tips on permits, and told Anthony about California’s requirement to have a dog sticker with onboard pets.

We wanted to commend both Sam and Anthony, both for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Greg Sullivan, Maintenance Supervisor says,

“I think both Sam and Anthony had valuable attitudes. Sam for offering service to a fellow driver, and Anthony for making sure he followed all the meticulous regulations for the state of California. Both drivers displayed an excellent, above-and beyond work ethic.”

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