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Seeking Driver Trainers

We are currently seeking drivers to join our Driver Trainer team. Our training program is one of the best, and we want to extend the opportunity for experienced drivers to join one of the best teams at Marvin Keller.

Driver Trainers have a rewarding career not only through higher pay, but because they have a direct impact in training Marvin Keller’s future. Currently 40% of our fleet are drivers who have been through the Marvin Keller training program. Each year approximately 30 students complete our program.

Trainers are expected not only to build up the best drivers possible, but share and promote our company values as well. The best way to train a driver is by sharing your experiences and tips through quality mentorship relationships, being a roll model for our organization. Driver Trainers are held to a higher standard because they the ones that other members of the fleet look up to. And most importantly, they are producing an ambassador for our company in every driver.

Our training program is special because we take a personalized approach to training drivers. We have been doing it this way since 2011.

Driver Trainers earn a flat rate every week they are working as a trainer. Trainers can also earn an additional $1,000 trainee retention bonus once their student drives 100,000 miles with Marvin Keller. (The trainee retention bonus is valid for trainees who begin training on or after June 1, 2017).

Talk to your driver manager if you are interested in becoming a driver trainer.

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