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Larry Brown: Driver Update

Larry Brown, has been an owner operator with Marvin Keller for almost one year. We wanted to do a driver update for you.

Larry has been driving a truck for 44 years, since 1973. He was referred to Marvin Keller by Mike Monge. Larry worked for Tri – Alexander out of Oklahoma for two years before he joined our fleet. Larry made the switch to Marvin Keller because freight was much slower at his previous employer.

Larry says that he has been to every state except Alaska, including Hawaii, although he didn’t drive in Hawaii. Since Larry has been driving for longer than many of us have been alive, we thought it would be interesting to ask Larry for insight into the evolution of this industry.

Larry says, “The trucking industry is amazing! It’s incredible how so many things have changed including the people, the system, laws and the regulations. The biggest difference is that I remember things being much simpler than they are now in term of technology. I liked the simpler times.”

Larry goes on to talk about the equipment of trucks. He says,

“Trucks just simply aren’t as quality as they used to be. Trucks now seem to have many more maintenance issues than they did years ago. The first truck I ever owned was a 1984 Peterbilt, and that thing ran four years without any issues. I can’t recall how many issues I’ve had with the truck I’m driving now. Everything is more expensive too, especially truck parts. I used to be able to get my motor rebuilt for $7000 ten years ago. Now it’s $25,000.”

We asked Larry how his experience with our company has been. He says,

“I love Marvin Keller Trucking. I don’t have any complaints besides wishing that I would’ve known about them 20 years ago. The company is top notch. Aleta recruited me a year ago, and since then everything she has said was on the money. She is very precise and knows what she’s talking about. She genuinely cares about people, and wants to see others succeed. In dispatch, Amy and Aleta are wonderful. They care about how you’re doing. I always have simple, warm conversations with them. Those kind of people skill go a long way in this world.”

When Larry isn’t driving, he enjoys spending time at home. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Sharon. They married in 1963, and they are still going strong. Larry says that Sharon is his best friend, and that he loves her more and more every day. Larry and Sharon have 3 children and 9 grandchildren. They reside in Salisaw, Oklahoma together.

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