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Eleazar Torres: Driver Introduction

We wanted to welcome Eleazar as our newest Owner Operator! Eleazar is seasoned driver, bringing 13 years experience over the road.

Hello, Eleazar, thanks for speaking with us today. To start, can you talk a little bit about your experience in the trucking industry?

“I’ve been an industry driver since 2004. I’ve learned that trucking is one of those industries that is really affected by the economy. The job was really good in the beginning, but then the economy slowed down significantly. Now it’s been looking better again, so I am excited to get more miles again.”

You mentioned earlier that you worked for another carrier before coming aboard with Marvin Keller. How was your experience there?

“It was really good at first, but then it got really slow. As a company driver over there, you had to take the loads they gave you. That’s why I started looking for better options and found Marvin Keller. The Load Board concept was appealing to me because I wanted to have more say over which loads I ran. So I called a recruiter.”

You seemed excited on your first day. Do you have any expectations about starting here at Marvin Keller?

“I’m excited about this Load Board concept. It makes me feel more comfortable, since you can decide where you want to go and what days you want to go. Having that flexibility is nice. That way if I need to do something urgent I can decide to take a few days off. It’s comfortable having more control over my schedule.”

Do you have any hobbies?

“I like fishing, hunting, and spending time with my daughter. She’s starting college in August.”

To close, do you have any tips for a new driver fresh out of CDL school?

“Just learn to manage your time, be safe while you’re on the road, and try to be on time. I found that those things are the main things in this industry. If you can do those things, you’ll do fine.”

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