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New Payroll Software Update

I just wanted to take a quick second and thank everyone here at Marvin Keller, from the drivers, to the office staff, and the shop guys. Your kindness and patience did not go unnoticed. There were definitely some growing pains, but everything seems to be up and working properly! If you are having any issues please talk your driver manager so that we can get it addressed as soon possible. For those of you that are still not signed up, talk to your driver manager so that we can help you get set up with the new payroll system.

Next, we are asking for your help improve the payroll process. The top item that would help is making sure that you are filling out your recap before you head home at the end of the week. If you are staying out on the road over the weekend make sure to have it turned in by Sunday evening. Also, continue to make sure that you are filing the recap out correctly. If your load has more than one of the extra pays, make sure that you are listing it on the recap in both places. We have been tracking recap errors for some time now and there is a significant decrease in the errors from where we started but with your help things can only get better.

In the case that you find there has been an error with your payroll, talk to your driver manager as soon as possible so that we can get it resolved.

One last item as a reminder, we need your help making sure that all of your paperwork scanned in no later than 48 hours after your load is delivered. Also make sure that you are keeping your paperwork for at least 30 days with you so that if there is a technical issue when scanning, you are able to re-scan if we need.

Thank you!

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