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Continuous Improvement Update

Late in 2016 we recognized the need to deliver a more personalized experience for our Drivers that included building stronger relationships. This leads to improved communication, better problem solving, and enhanced support of our Drivers. Basically we all want to get on the same page!

The Driver Manager’s first challenge was allocating the time to tackle this, so we decided to evaluate the DM’s typical day by completing a process map, which is a fancy name for documenting what you do. This was an eye-opener as we discovered a lot of inefficiencies, errors, waste, rework, and redundancy in our order management process. We concluded that the vast majority of the DM’s time was spent on managing orders (transactional aspects) rather than coaching, servicing, and supporting their Drivers. Next, we needed to help the Driver Managers find the right balance, so we embarked on a journey to streamline the order management process.

Yes, we experimented with some changes, and yes, we made a few mistakes, but that is how we learned. That is the essence of continuous improvement. The end result was to provide our Driver Managers more time to coach, support, and provide better service to their Drivers.

Here is what we learned:

  1. An exception based approach to your work can be more efficient by limiting wasteful and redundant activities.

  2. Continuous improvement requires courage to try something new, knowing that mistakes are opportunities to learn.

  3. Only working as a team can we achieve our best and trusting my teammates will be there for me.

  4. Need to improve accessibility to have those important conversations with our Drivers.

  5. Completed a Driver survey with some great feedback on how to improve.

Here is what we need from you:

  1. Be candid and tell us what’s working and what’s not working – we want to know so we can try to improve.

  2. Please ask questions if you are not sure or if something doesn’t make sense.

My goal is to help the DM’s to reach their potential and be as good as they can be. In turn, they will do the same for you.

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