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Three Z Publishing - New Shipping Office / How to View Company Information on PeopleNet

One of our customers Three Z Printing recently announced the completion of their new shipping office located north of the old office. They wanted to make sure that all drivers check in at the new shipping office to receive a dock assignment and their paperwork. They also wanted to announce a new waiting area for drivers at the new shipping office.

We thought that this was a good opportunity to review how to see company information on PeopleNet. Updates like the one above from Three Z Printing happen frequently, so it is important that drivers know they can access this information through the F2 HotKey. We update this information in PeopleNet.

Pressing hotkey F2 will give you any directions and updates about the company.

Keep this tip in mind, and make sure to check this info before going to a new place or a place you have not been to in a while.

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