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Defensive Driving Program Enhancements

We are currently reviewing and making enhancements to our Defensive Driving Program. Our current program consists of SMITH system training, on-going interactive safety campaigns, and coaching safe driving behaviors to ensure optimal fleet safety. These measures are proving to be effective with our current Unsafe Driving CSA rating at a low 4%.

Drivers who consistently practice defensive driving techniques will soon qualify to have their truck speed increased to 65mph. In order to qualify, Drivers must maintain low frequency in the following categories: Speed, Sudden Stops / Hard Braking, Roll Stability Alerts and DOT Recordable Preventable Accidents. Your Driver Manager will review the defensive driving reports monthly and be available to coach and support continued safe driving habits.

We want to recognize all of the hard work and dedication the entire Marvin Keller team contributes to safety! Keep up the great work and Safe Driving!

Thanks everyone,

Amanda McKee

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