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Hazmat Campaign Summary

The Hazmat Safety Campaign came to an end June 30, 2017.

39 drivers (42%) completed all campaign materials. This includes watching all 6 Protread videos, submitting photo of properly secured hazmat load, completing hazmat awareness word search and submiting ideas to improve fleet hazmat/safety.

We had a lot of great feedback and suggestions on how to improve our hazmat and safety processes and we are looking to implement some of these ideas in the near future.

Below is a list of the drivers who completed the campaign materials and qualify for the $200 bonus. We encourage you to watch for info on the next safety campaign coming soon.

Barlow Tina

Marcus Bear

Jeremy Beasley

Daryl Bloxom

Danny Bolyard

Zachary Bone

Kenneth Brenner

John “Paul” Brook

Bobby Brown

Darby Brown

David Bruchman

Kim Bruchman

William Caldwell

John Carrick

Jason Coleman

Kenny Decker

Erick Diveley

Nicholas Harjung

Dan Hertel

Mark Jordan

Dave Klein

Brian Knowles

Robert Logsdon

Douglas McClendon

Melanie Noland

Amanda Norman

Blake Norman

Karen Oathout

Jeff Ogden

Blake Peterson

Kevin Pittman

Frankie Rich

Terry Skelley

Mark Spencer

Michael Thrasher

Tamara Thrasher

Micahel Tierney

Steve VonBehren

Rashod Wilson

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