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Driver Manager Hits the Road

I was fortunate enough to have my Driver Manager ride with me in the truck during the week of July 10th-July 15th. I learned a lot about the internal procedures from her, as well as the rules and protocol of our company. She said it was a learning experience for both of us. I feel that getting to know her this past week and learning more about the planning and managing process will make me a better driver and employee.

I was glad that I was able to show my driver manager a few of the obstacles that drivers can encounter first-hand on the road. We passed by road construction sites, and accidents. We got to experience the long lines at the fuel pumps, and feel the pain of road closures and detours. And that’s just naming a few. She was also able to experience sleeping in a truck every night (her choice) and enjoy the beautiful scenery of our great country.

Thank you Marvin Keller for giving me this opportunity to collaborate and learn more about what Driver Managers do to make the company work, and for allowing me to show my Driver Manager what it’s really like out on the road.

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