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Weekly Feature: Thrasher Team

Michael and Tamara Thrasher are one of the three owner operator teams that call Marvin Keller their home. Michael has been employed with Marvin Keller for 9 months and Tamara joined him 6 months ago. Michael and Tamara have owned and operated TMT Transit since 2015.

Michael started in the trucking industry at 16 years old while Tamera started her career as a school bus driver in 2006. She decided to move to the trucking industry in 2014 so that they could pursue their transit business. Michael and Tamara have been very successful here with Marvin Keller. They are avid users of our load board, and are excellent communicators. The Thrasher Team has been complimented numerous times for their professionalism and positive attitude towards our customers. We love having them to represent our company.

The Thrasher Team stated that everyone at Marvin Keller is awesome to work with. They appreciate how we constantly keep them rolling. They love the load board! The load board gives them the opportunity to pick their own loads and get home when needed. The Thrasher Team is thankful for the opportunity to begin and grow their company with a great company. They are excited to see what the future holds at Marvin Keller.

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