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CPAP Machines in DOT Physical

Phil Garver is one of our company drivers and he recently had a tip about his DOT physical and CPAP machine usage.

Last Friday Phil went in for his DOT physical. Once he got there the doctor took him through all the steps, requirements and exams. Everything was normal until the doctor came to the end of the physical. The doctor said everything looked good except that Phil needed to show a compliance sheet for his CPAP machine. Like many drivers using CPAP machines for conditions like sleep apnea, Phil was unaware that bringing in a compliance sheet was a necessary part of passing his DOT physical.

Phil has to print out his compliance forms and take it back to the doctor next week. He wanted everyone that uses CPAP machine to know that in order to pass their DOT physical, they need to take in a compliance sheet to show 30 days of compliance using the machine.

Phil says, “It surprised me that I wasn’t fully prepared for this DOT physical. I hope this tip is helpful for anyone who uses a CPAP machine.”

Thanks for sharing your experience with everyone, Phil. Keep up the good work!

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