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To submit content, send an email to our Marketing Specialist


or submit your content in the form below

Include your name, job and title of your article. Keeping your content shorter than 400 words is ideal, but any length is accepted.

Get paid to write

There is no limit to the content that you can produce. The only guideline is that you must write it yourself, and it should be related to your experience working in this industry. If you send us content and it is published in the Weekly, you will receive a $25 bonus in your next paycheck.


We want your content

Our Marketing representative will edit your content for basic grammar and structural errors, but we will give you full credit for your piece. If you like to write, you can potentially start working as a regular writer while you are on the road.

Submit Content

You can either submit your content here or send it in an email to If you have pictures you can include them as attachments in an email to the same address. Happy writing!


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