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Lease Purchase Program


Working folks come in all types with a wide range of experience, knowledge, talents, and skills. Only a small number of Truck Drivers possess the right stuff to make the journey from Driver to Trucker. It is the same comparison as an employee becoming a business owner. Most employees appreciate the degree of difficulty and complexity that owners endure and choose to make the best of their careers as an employees. However, there are those who have an entrepreneurial spirit that want to do more, to be more, and to get more. This entrepreneurial spirit features the highest levels of personal responsibility and professionalism.


You are reading about this program because you are considering making a change with your career in how you earn a living. The MK Venture L/P Program is the opportunity to use all the knowledge and experience that you have acquired in Truck Driving to become a small business owner. However, there is a substantial increase in responsibility and the risk of financial gain/loss should be weighed carefully. How well do you know yourself? Would this career move be a good fit for you?


For some people, taking on more responsibilities can seem like a heavy lift or as we say in trucking, “a heavy load”!  For others, taking on more responsibility is a positive life-changing decision, and can lead to economic independence. At MK, we help with the heavy lifting and put you on the road to success. However, you must be single-mindedly committed or you will end up going down a road that leads to a dead end.


Being proportionately compensated for your abilities and effort is what the MK Venture Program is all about. You can operate your own business and have the freedom to be your own boss. 

Venture L/P has expanded to 30 Lease Purchase Contractors.

Fleet Specs to Keep Safe & Costs Low

Favorable Downpayment & Financing

Access to Dealer & Maintenance Network

Cashflow Management Support including Escrows


Access to Mentors & Support Staff with Experience & Knowledge

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Invested in the Latest Technology

Nicholas Harjung, MK Owner-Operator

"I am an individual who thrives on challenges and believe if I did not at least give being an owner-operator a shot, I would regret it down the road. Marvin Keller made the transition easier than I ever would have thought possible."


The next step is to complete the questionnaire below and determine if this is a good fit for you. You should consider carefully if you have the right traits to be successful with business ownership. Read through these statements and examine your talents, skills, and personality.

Do you agree strongly with the statements below?

I am a hard worker and self-starter and dislike laziness.
I use a calendar to post reminders and appointments to plan my time
I am punctual and plan extra time for potential delays.
I prefer doing things in an orderly way and avoid taking risky shortcuts.
I enjoy the challenges of solving problems and don't easily become discouraged.
I have thrifty spending habits and like to save money.
I enjoy learning new things and learn from my mistakes.
I prefer to be deliberate and write things down, take notes, and set goals.
I want to be rewarded for consistently working smarter and harder.
I enjoy working and collaborating with others who share my values.
I prefer to be honest and up-front.
I am good with basic arithmetic and can do basic calculations.


Do you disagree strongly with the statements below?

I tend to cast blame on circumstances and others when things don’t work out.

I know exactly what I am doing and I don’t want anyone’s help, advice, or feedback.

I believe owning my own business means.

I can work a lot less and take more time off.

I think owning my own business will bring instant big paychecks in a short amount of time.

I am an impulsive spender and like to spend money a lot more than I like to save.

I get anxious and overwhelmed when things don’t run smoothly.

I am less than truthful when needed especially when the truth is uncomfortable.

I become angry and resentful when mistakes are made.

I have other priorities with my time that are more important than running a business.

Finally, you should consult with a trusted friend or family member who can give you an honest assessment of your fitness as a business owner. If you are not fully committed to the requirements of this program, please consider a different venture and avoid a big mistake.  If this assessment makes you more curious please contact us to learn more.

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