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For all you veteran drivers who own a truck,

we always have freight for you to move. We believe our Owner Operators are our partners in business and once that partnership is established, you will be able to visit our Load Board. Our load board allows you to choose your own loads so you have the freedom of where you want to go. Our team is here to help and wants to see you thrive! 


Once you are partnered with us, you have the opportunity to grow by adding more of your own trucks. Click on the video featuring Douglas, MK Owner Operator, to see how he became successful in expanding his fleet!  

Owner Operator

Owner Operators





Load Board




MK Support

Green Truck - Marvin Keller


We provide a special insurance program available only to Owner Operators running under Marvin Keller's authority.

Mavin Keller cares about the success of your business. To help you succeed we've partnered with Cottingham and Butler for competitive settlement deduction insurance offerings. Proper insurance is critical to protecting your business as an Independent Contractor.

MK Coverages Include: 

  • non-trucking

  • physical damage

  • occupational accident


From the start, we offer a budgeting assistance

service through a Maintenance Escrow.


The Maintenance Escrow is a deduction on every settlement.

All of it goes to a separate account held in your name that helps pay your maintenance cost. If leasing one of our trucks, at the end of the lease the amount leftover in this account that was not used for maintenance will be refunded back to you.


We help you estimate the cost per mile. You gain easy maintenance budgeting.


Truck Tire Wear

Veteran Owner Operator Job Details

Be your own boss at Marvin Keller! Power Only - Owner Operators earn 72% of the line haul and contracted accessorials plus 100 % of the fuel surcharge. Pick from our Load Board so you can decide where you want to go!

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