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MK Pro - Points

Our MK Pro-Point System is like no other!

Because our elite drivers go the extra mile, we wanted to come up with a special way to honor them. We created a recognition program called MK Pro-Points! Safe driving, high performance, a great attitude, and being a team player are all ways one can earn MK Pro-Points that can be redeemed for valuable prizes.  

Ryan Ernst - Mac Pro Points.jpg

Ryan, MK Company Driver, cashed in his Pro-Points for a brand new Mac Book!

2020 Jordan, Mark with Nick.JPG

MK Company Driver, Mark, traded in his Pro-Points for a brand new power drill and toaster oven! 

Ken Newby - new grill_edited.jpg

Ken, MK Company Driver, exchanged his Pro-Points for a brand new grill.

Cain TV.jpg

MK Owner Operator, Harold, cashed in his Pro-Points for a brand new TV and drill! 

Anthony Gilio - new grill - Copy.png

MK Company Driver, Anthony, received a brand new grill in exchange for his Pro-Points!

MK Pro-Point Recipients

Below are just a few of many drivers who have received prizes in exchange for pro-points!

Pro-Point System Details

Our MK Pro-Point system functions within our Drive MK App and is similar to a performance bonus.

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